The 3 Lighthouses of Batanes: Basco, Tayid, as well as Sabtang


There’s a great deal to be envied about lighthouses. They exude a type of appeal as well as enigma just by standing still. They command interest without even trying. as well as they always have the very best view.

There’s even a lot more to be envied about those that stand pleased in the hills of Batanes. They are fairly new as well as well-maintained. They are never lonely, sought by rabid tourists, as well as photographed by those who desire to immortalize their moments with them. as well as as sentinels of the northernmost province, they deal with no existential dilemmas for nobody can reject their importance.

Today, Batanes has three lighthouses as well as they are similar in lots of ways. All three are part of a job spearheaded by Rep. Abad in the early 2000’s. These contemporary structures were erected not only to guide seafarers across the perilous waters of the Pacific ocean as well as West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), however likewise as vacationer attractions. All three are available to visitors, supplying the most spectacular vistas.

They are all topped with a red-painted concrete lantern space with narrow storm panes. They likewise utilize rubble masonry in the building of the primary tower.


Basco Lighthouse
Tayid Lighthouse (Mahatao)
Sabtangin majakka
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Basco Lighthouse

First lit in 2003, it was the very first to be completed of the three. Basco Lighthouse was developed in Naidi Hills, at the site of the old telegraph facility utilized during the American age as well as was destroyed by the Japanese during world war II.

Basco Lighthouse as seen from Vayang Rolling Hills
The fifth story of the tower is the gallery.
The primary column is round, white painted, as well as crowned with a red lantern room. The bottom part as well as the connected dwelling (for the caretaker) are limestone masonry. The 20-meter tower has six stories, with the fifth being the gallery, enabling unobstructed views of the West Philippine Sea to the west, Mt. Iraya to the north, as well as the Basco town appropriate to the south. A close-by building homes the Bunker Cafe.

Tayid Lighthouse (Mahatao)

Mahatao’s old, non-functional lighthouse was built in 1700s near the San Carlos Borromeo Church, however the structure is commonly overlooked in favor of the town’s contemporary newcomer: Tayid Lighthouse.

Like its counterpart in Basco, Tayid Lighthouse is crested on a hill on Batan Island, topped with a red lantern space as well as roof, as well as bears a rubble masonry base as well as dwelling. The similarities stop there. Tayid faces the a lot more mischievous Pacific Ocean, not the West Philippine Sea. Its primary tower is hexagonal, not round. as well as it is much less accessible. It can be seen from Marlboro country (Racuh a Payaman) as well as Diura fishing Village.

Tayid Lighthouse stands proudly amid the rolling hills of Mahatao
View from Tayid Lighthouse
Sabtangin majakka

Perched on a cliff just next to the port, Sabtang Lighthouse is the very first man-made structure to greet you as you technique Sabtang island. Unlike the lighthouses of Batan Island, the tower boasts a round tower with a rubble masonry surface all the method to the gallery deck, which provides it a dominant organic appeal, as well as a red lantern room. It is finest checked out from the port where crashing waves take the foreground.

Sabtangin majakka
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