JAKARTA TO YOGYAKARTA: By Train, Bus & airplane


Yogyakarta has well established itself as a prime vacationer destination not only in central Java however Indonesia in general. Its proximity to Borobudur as well as Prambanan is one of the reasons for the surge of tourists in the area as a lot of of them make Yogya as their base to check out these historical sites. It is likewise the jumping-off point for outside activities like the Merapi Lava excursion as well as checking out nature parks.

To immerse yourself in Javanese culture, you don’t even have to go as well far from the city center. Kraton or the royal palace is a fantastic location to discover a lot more about the culture as well as the arts. as well as dotting the city map are locations where you can discover a lot more about the crafts as well as products created by the locals — Batik textiles, silverworks, Wayang puppets, as well as more. If you like buying as well as eating, Malioboro Street, the most popular street in Yogyakarta, is the location to be.

If you are coming from Manila, Jakarta will be your transit point as there are no direct flights to Yogyakarta from Manila at present. Also, you don’t requirement to safe a visa if you are a Philippine passport holder since the Philippines is one of those countries who secured reciprocal Visa-Free Agreements with Indonesia.

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By AirAdisucipto flight terminal to City Center

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There are two gateways to Yogyakarta: Adisucipto worldwide flight terminal (YOG) as well as Yogyakarta worldwide flight terminal (YIA). The Adisucipto flight terminal is found at Maguwoharjo, Depok in Sleman Regency, about 10km east of downtown Yogyakarta. It links the city to other major cities in Indonesia as well as countries like Singapore as well as Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). It is currently the primary flight terminal serving Yogyakarta however will soon be replaced by a bigger new airport, the Yogyakarta worldwide Airport, that can hold the growing number of tourists.

The new flight terminal is found at Temon in Kulon Progo Regency, west of Yogyakarta. It started its operation in may 2019 however the service is still limited. full operation is targeted to begin in 2020. Moreover, the flight terminal is stated to have a train that links it directly to Borobudur.

Adisucipto flight terminal Arrival area as well as Baggage insurance claim Area
From Jakarta, you will a lot of likely transit at Soekarno-Hatta worldwide Airport. There are a number of airline business that offer linking flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by means of Adisucipto Airport.

Adisucipto flight terminal to City Center

You can reach the city center from the flight terminal by train, bus, taxi, or ride-hailing apps like Grab.

JUNALLA. Prambanan reveal (Pramex or Prameks) is the railway service that links the flight terminal to the city center. It covers points between Surakarta (Solo) as well as Yogyakarta. The station nearest the flight terminal is Maguwo Station, just a short walk from the arrivals exit then with an air-conditioned underpass leading to the station. get off at Tugu station near Malioboro Street. Fare: IDR 8,000 – 10,000 (PHP 20-37, USD .56-.71, EUR .51-.64); travel time: around 30 minutes

BUSSILLA. TransJogja (BRT) has routes that pass with Adisucipto flight terminal — Line 1A, Line 1B, as well as Line 3B. Take Line 1A; this will stop at Tugu station as well as Malioboro Street. Fare: IDR 3,500 (single-trip ticket); travel time: 45-60 minutes

TAKSILLA. At the arrival hall, there’s a counter for booking flight terminal taxis together with the vacationer info desk, currency exchange, as well as ATMs. The fare for the flight terminal taxi varies as well as depends upon the distance of your destination. routine metered taxis are likewise available. always firmly insist on utilizing the meter. Fare: IDR 50,000 – 150,000 (Airport Taxi) + IDR 2,000 (airport entrance fee) / IDR 25,000 – 50,000 (Regular Taxi); travel time: 45-60 minutes.

BY RIDE-HAILING APP. You may requirement to walk outside the flight terminal facilities to get to your vehicle service. Those who tried this mode of transportation had to walk 10-15 minutes to reach the pick-up point.


There are two central train stations in Jakarta for Yogyakarta-bound trains: Gambir station as well as Pasar Senen Station. You will figure out which station to depart from based on the ticket class you purchased. There are three classes of tickets — executive, business, as well as economy.

The executive class ticket gets you on the train that has fewer stops; therefore, it is much quicker than the other two choices however pricier. The service class as well as economic climate class tickets, which are the more affordable options, let you board a train with a number of stops. executive as well Palveluluokan liput ovat melko paljon samoja sulkemisessa. Ainoa ero on, että johtavilla junilla on vähemmän pysähdyksiä.

Executive Class junat lähtevät Gambir-asemalta, kun taas palveluluokka sekä taloudelliset ilmastoluokka junat lähtevät Pasar Senen asemalta. Yogyakartassa on kaksi suurta juna-asemaa: Tugu-asema sekä Lempuyangan asema. Tugu-asemalla tarjoillaan palvelua sekä Executive Class junia, kun taas Lempuyangan-asemalla tarjoillaan budjettisuunnitelmaa sekä taloudellisia ilmastoluokan junia.

Matka-aika: noin 8 tuntia (executive junat); noin 10 tuntia (liiketoiminta sekä taloudelliset ilmastojunat)


Executive Class: idr 380,000 – 1 000 000 (PHP 1400-3695, 27-70 USD, 25-65 euroa)

Liiketoimintaluokka: IDR 330,000 – 550 000 (PHP 1220-2030, 23-39 USD 21-36)

Economy Class: IDR 180,000 – 300 000 (PHP 665-1108, 13-21 USD 12-19)

Lippujen varaaminen:

Varaus lipun kehitykseen Internetissä on mahdollista. Tätä ehdotetaan korkeuskauden sekä juhlapäivinä. National Train -liiketoiminnan virallinen verkkosivusto tarjotaan vain Indonesian kielellä ja voi olla melko haastava ulkomaalaisille. Vielä yksi valinta on varata lippu www.tiket.com-sivustolla. Jos varaat lippusi verkossa, sinun täytyy mennä nimettyyn asemaan tunti ennen lähtöaikaa hakemaan lippu ja tilanne, joka liittyy varaukseen, sinulla on vielä aikaa vianmääritykseen.


Jos olet tulossa suoraan Soekarno-Hatta-lentokentältä, Damri-bussi toimii siellä ja saat sinut useille korkeammalle jakartalle IDR: lle 40 000 – 80 000 (PHP 150-300, 2,8-5,7 USD, 2.6-5,2 USD) . Matkan kesto on 60-90 minuuttia, riippuen web-liikenteen tilasta.

Kaupungista oikea, voit valita eri linja-autoliiketoiminnasta käyttämällä tätä polkua (Jakarta-Yogyakarta). Muutamat näistä liiketoiminnoista ovat Handoyo (WC), Pahala Kencana, Laju Prima, Maju Lancar, Safari Dharma Raya, Ramayana sekä Santoso. Yogyakartan ensisijainen bussipääte on Giwangan-linja-autopääte, noin 6 km päässä kaupungin keskustasta.

Matkustusaika: 12 – 13 tuntia


Ei-AC: 85 000 – 170 000 (PHP 315-630, USD 6-12, 5,5-11 euroa)

AC (Executive / VIP / PASAS / Business): IDR 180,000 – 275,000 (PHP 665-1015, 13-19 USD 12-18)

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